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Nishi Shuzo Imo Shochu Tominohouzan 25% 720ml

Nishi Shuzo Imo Shochu Tominohouzan 25% 720ml

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Nishi Shuzo Imo Shochu Tominohouzan 25%

富乃宝山 25度 1.8L

Distilled Spirits Potato
While it has an earthy nose typical of an imo shochu, this also has a delicate side thanks to the floral scent of the yellow koji used during fermentation. Enhance the buttery texture of this shochu by mixing it oyuwari style with hot water.

Ingredients: Sweet potato (origin: Kagoshima, Japan), Rice malt, Alcohol 25% Vol.

Types of drink: sweet potato Shochu

Country of origin: Japan

Alcohol content: 25%

Nishi Sake Brewery is located in the deep mountains, about 20 minutes drive from the Fukiage coast to the mountains. It used to be near the coast, but as a result of seeking better water and a better environment, he arrived at his current location.

An innovative sweet potato shochu with a refreshing taste and a citrus aroma that has renewed the image of shochu.

Yellow Jiuqu, which is generally used in sake, is used and fermented at low temperature, just like Ginjo sake.

The distillation method is well devised, and the finished shochu has a splendid scent.

The sweet potato shochu smells! It is an innovative shochu that can change the image of the past in an instant.

Even those who drink sweet potato shochu for the first time can drink it without any resistance.

Rock is especially recommended for drinking!

This is the jar of "Kichichohozan". Along with cutting-edge technology such as Tomino Takarayama, we firmly hold down the old and new, old-fashioned traditional construction. Good things are good. That is probably the way this brewery should be. mr. Yoichiro Nishi's classmate, the person in charge of the warehouse, and the factory manager Arima explained with a confident look.

Sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is not allowed. When selling this product, Seikatsu may contact the customer to verify his or her age.
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