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Oedo-Koh Incense Cherry Blossom (60 sticks)

Oedo-Koh Incense Cherry Blossom (60 sticks)

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Japanese Incense - Oedo-Koh Incense Cherry Blossom (60 sticks)

Japanese incense

The custom of viewing cherry blossoms took place during the Edo period. The somei-yoshino cherry tree, which can be seen in groves all over Japan today, was originally an ornamental garden variety grown in the Somei village near Edo. Cherry blossom viewings were also an opportunity for Edo residents to meet, introduce themselves and play: matching fancy kimonos were worn for the occasion and people sang and danced to celebrate the arrival of spring. The enchanting scent of cherry blossoms heralds the arrival of spring.

Enjoy the joy of springtime, when young and old feel the allure of the outdoors, with the sweet, soft scent of cherry blossoms.

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Wooden box with incense burner.

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