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Oedo-Koh Incense Pine (60 sticks)

Oedo-Koh Incense Pine (60 sticks)

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Japanese incense - Oedo-Koh Incense Pine (60 sticks)

Japanese incense

It is traditionally believed that the kami (gods) live in evergreen trees. The word matsu means both "pine" and "waiting" (for the deity to descend), and the pine tree is part of the happy trio of pine, bamboo and plum tree and the auspicious combination of crane and pine. Pine decorations are displayed on New Years, and a monumental pine tree is painted in the background of the Noh phase - all that expresses pine pine's association with good luck and longevity. In ukiyo-e woodblock prints, boldly crafted pines standing in the middle of the Edo era and bustling to and fro are a classic motif. Taste the refreshing scent of pine, the tree that guards the travelers' way and watches over their safe return.

This vibrant and refreshing scent evokes memories of ancient Edo, where pine trees lined the streets, visited by travelers, waited and protected.

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Wooden box with incense burner.

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