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Ooita Mugi Shochu Fushigiya 720ml

Ooita Mugi Shochu Fushigiya 720ml

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Evera Mugi Shochu Fushigiya

Distillerte Spirituosen Weizen 25%

You can enjoy the taste of a rank up. Try the Mugi Shochu. Full of Secrets and (Fujii Shuzo) Fujii Shuzo is a historic building with ripening here, barley and pure water to shochu and sake breweries. It is 0/1872 to be established. Fujii Shintaro's President is a 5th generation. In the old brewery headquarters Show Meiji era collection, the atmosphere of the Taisho storage of the brewery chimney was abandoned at that time, feel the history of antiquity. ■ is the secret of shochu Fujii has received a high evaluation from outside the prefecture product is about 25 different sake, shochu and rice shochu. In barley shochu building 6,000 stone over 7 types, such as Bungo Village, Time Traveler Mystery Shop , ■ Why bring out the smell of oats You always have to do this very carefully in the camp. Rather clean scent in the warehouse and not good, not a good yeast grow. 2 Methods of atmospheric and vacuum distillation in Shochu. Atmospheric distillation has recently sucked the characteristic aroma properties of wheat flavor. However, lie over time because it is notern. Fujii Shuzo I have all others sleeping places. It's a secret Caves are limestone caves in the mountains. The constant temperature and humidity of this year at 15 degrees. Fed with shochu, during the natural reservoir of the big turtle, calmly waited for the departure time.
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