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Otafuku Tonkatsu sauce 1.8L

Otafuku Tonkatsu sauce 1.8L

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Otafuku Okonomi 1.8L

Otafuku オタフク お好みソース(本格)

The subtle touch of sweetness in this sauce makes it an ideal match for takoyaki. With a darker color than okonomiyaki sauce, this sauce is made for the perfect takoyaki that looks as good as it tastes.

Content: 1800grams.
Otafuku: Japanese sauces, vinegar and special spices

The distinctive face of Otafuku has become a popular folk mask in Japan for centuries. Her face is unique and funny and is often combined with the male folk mask of Hyottoko in funny dances during local harvest festivals. In ancient mythology, Otafuku's dance brought the sun out of their hiding places and cleared the sky from the darkness. Otafuku is not known for her physical beauty, but her facial features remind us of the healthiness of life: her constantly smiling eyes remind us of joy and fun; her short nose suggests humility; her small, reserved mouth signifies the pronunciation of the voice of simplicity; her round cheeks symbolize health; and her high forehead reflects her intelligence.
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