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Plug Appliance cord C13 - 1 meter

Plug Appliance cord C13 - 1 meter

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Cable type: H05VV-F 3G
max. load: 230V/6A
Connection 1: Schuko male
Connection 2: C13 female
Length: 1 meter.
Product code: 1193095

More information about this product

• Brand: Allteq
• Product: C13 Device Cord
• Colour black
• Length: 1 meter
• Connection 1: C13 female
• Connection 2: Schuko male
• Core thickness: 3 x 0.75 square millimeters
• Sheath: PVC
• Type: appliance cord
• Maximum voltage: 230 volts
• Maximum current: 6 amps
• Approvals: CE and VDE
• Warranty: 5 years


Universal device cord
The Allteq C13 device cable is made to connect devices to mains power. The cable has a length of 1 meter and is fitted with a C13 plug. This plug is mainly used for supplying power to, for example, a desktop, television or printer. The plug can be used universally for all devices that have a C13 male connection. The other side of the cable is fitted with a Schuko male plug, also known as a type F plug. This plug is mounted at right angles to the cable and is intended for connection to a socket. It is only possible to connect the plug to a grounded socket.

Usage and details
Connecting and using the cable is easy. The C13 male plug must be connected to the appropriate socket of the device you want to supply with power. The other plug is connected to a power outlet, after which you can switch on the device. The cable is ideal for replacing a defective device cable and can be used universally. That means it doesn't matter what brand of device you want to connect or what type of device it is, as long as it has the right connection. The core of the cable consists of three cores, which are protected by a thick PVC jacket. This makes the cable sturdy and yet very flexible.

• Universal cable for supplying power to various types of devices
• The appliance cord is also available in other lengths
• Equipped with a C13 male plug for eg a television, printer, computer or other device
• Immediately ready for use and easy to connect to an earthed socket

Technical information
The Allteq C13 device cable has a length of 1 meter. If you are looking for a cable with a longer length, that is no problem. The cable is also available in other lengths. The PVC jacket is black in color and also available in white. The core consists of three veins with a thickness of 0.75 square millimeters in diameter. The maximum current that can be supplied with the cable is 6 amps, at a maximum voltage of 230 volts. This cable comes with a 5-year warranty and has various quality marks. For example, this Allteq C13 device cord has a CE and a VDE quality mark, which means that it meets strict requirements. The Schuko male plug is mounted perpendicular to the cable and the C13 female plug is straight.



Aansluiting 1 Schuko male
Aansluiting 2 C13 female
Kabeltype H05VV-F 3x0.75 mm²
Keurmerk VDE, CE
Kleur Zwart
Lengte 1 meter
Max. stroomsterke 6A
Spanning 230V
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