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PLUS Japan Glue Roller Pro TG-1221

PLUS Japan Glue Roller Pro TG-1221

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PLUS JAPAN Glue like a professional

This glue roller combines all the good features of our other glue roller models.In addition, new special features were added, which improve usage experience:

Power Gear

Long lasting function for refillable products. The strong gear prevents tape from tangling. No waste of tape as it can be used up until the very end

  • No tape tangling
  • Glue roller lasts longer

Clean Roller

Glue dust is the main reason for jamming of gears. Clean Roller collects the glue residues that might stick to the roller head. Cleaning gear is on refill unit to keep the house clean

  • No jammed gears
  • Higher user-friendliness and longer usage possible

Edge Guide

Helps to apply glue on the edge of the paper precisely and in a clean line. Accurate and clean application right on the paper edge. Perfect for card making, scrapbooking and much more.

Honeycomb-dot tape

For clean cut as well as neat and clean application.The tape is photo safe (acid-free).

Usage Scenes:

  • Gift wrapping, crafting, precise gluing on edges
  • Office work such as sorting receipts for travel expenses
  • School and university work, such as gluing paper in notebooks etc.
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