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Plus Japan scissors Fit Cut Curve blue 17.5 cm

Plus Japan scissors Fit Cut Curve blue 17.5 cm

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Plus Japan scissors Fit Cut Curve blue

Fitcut Curve - Smart, 17.5 cm, blue

Revolutionary curved blades produce maximum cutting power with every cut. The specially curved blades maintain the optimal angle between the blades to easily cut the objects from the beginning to the top of the blade. The specially sharpened blades with sharp edges ensure a smooth and clean cut. Stabilizing ring around the pivot axis prevents wobbling and provides smooth, long-lasting cutting comfort. Soft, stretchy material minimizes pain during use. The shape of the handle is designed in such a way that the cutting force is optimally transferred. Fitcut Curve scissors effortlessly cut various materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, tape, packaging, plastic bottles, drawstring, fabrics, flowers. Rounded blade tip for greater safety. Cuts twice as well compared to conventional scissors (internal comparison). Total length 175 mm, blade length 65 mm. Material: recycled plastic handle. Blade & Pivot Ring: Hardened stainless steel.
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Length: 17.5cm
Handle colour: blue
Shape: round top
Material: titanium coated stainless steel, colored plastic handles
Manufacturer: Plus Japan
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