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Pocky Koi Fukami Matcha

Pocky Koi Fukami Matcha

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Glico Pocky Koi Fukami Matcha 2 packs 85g

Glico ポッキー 濃い深み抹茶​

Glico have created some matcha-flavored Pocky in the past, and this spring they're enjoying everyone's taste buds with another new variety called "Koi Fukami Matcha", which translates to "deep, dark powdered green tea".

Net Weight: 85g

Flour, Suger, Lactose, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Vegetable oil, Shortening, Matcha, Wheat protein, Salt, Yeast/Emulsifiers, Artificial flavor, Seasoning (inorganic salt), Inflating agent, Sweetener (sucralose)


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