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Pocky Strawberry TsubuTsubu Ichigo 9 pcs

Pocky Strawberry TsubuTsubu Ichigo 9 pcs

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Glico Pocky strawberry 9 packs

ポッキーいちご 9袋入

The famous Japanese pocky. This snack consists of a crunchy biscuit stick with strawberry flavour. This box contains 2 packs. In Japan, Pocky is a very popular delicacy and is widely eaten. The Japanese have even declared November 11 as an official Pocky Day.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, strawberry powder, shortening, strawberry seed, yeast, salt, spices, mineral salt, food acid, sweetener (sucralose), colorant (annatto).

Flour (Domestic production), Suger, Vegetable oil, Lactose, Whole milk powder, Cocoa powder, Strawberry powder, Wheat protein, Shortening, Candy chips, Salt, Yeast/ Colorants (Akabeat pigment, Grape skin pigment, Caramel), Emulsifiers, Artificial flavor, seasoning (inorganic salt), Inflating agent, acidulant, trehalose, sweetener (sucralose)


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