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Pokemon Chocolate Cookies

Pokemon Chocolate Cookies

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Pokemon Cookies with Milk

ポケモンスナック ミルク味 Tohato

Super cute Pokemon cookies with Milk.

Ingredients: semolina, palm oil, salt, sugar, protein hydrolysate, sorbitol, non-roasted calcium shell, flavouring, emulsifier.

Net Weight: 23g

Corn grits (not genetically modified), Suger, Vegetable oil, Margarine, Cocoa powder, Sweetened milk powder, Caramel sauce, Salt, Cream (dairy product), Fermented flavor powder, Lactose, Cacao mass, Whole milk powder, Protein hydrolyzate , Cream powder/Caramel pigment, Egg shell unbaked Ca, Artificial flavor, Emulsifiers, Trehalose


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