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Popin Cookin Fun Sushi shop

Popin Cookin Fun Sushi shop

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Popin Cookin sushi set (Tanoshi Osushiyasan)

ポッピンクッキン たのしいおすしやさん

Met deze aparte set kan je zelf je eigen sushi snoepgoed creëren. Bevat geen kunstmatige kleurstoffen. Lees voor gebruik eerst goed de handleiding.

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Ingrediënten: suiker, glucose plantaardige olie, zetmeel, maissiroop, gereducerrde calciumcarbonaat, gelatine, dextrine, zetmeel, aroma, geleermiddel (natriumalginaat), calciumcarbonaat, calciumsulfaat, voedingszuur, bakpoeder, plantaardige kleurstoffen (gardenia, inktvis inkt, monascus, sprirulina blauw), natriumcaseïne, polysacharide, verdikkingsmiddel, natrium pyrofosaat, glycerine, heldermakend middel

You can easily create a realistic looking sushi just by preparing water. The price is 250 Japanese yen(2 US dollars). It seems that people around the world are getting hooked with this happy Sushi house.

Time for preparation!

Prepare a glass of water


  • Tray
  • Spoon
  • Dropper
  • Soft candy
  • Salmon eggs-making powder “A”
  • Salmon eggs-making powder “B”
  • Tuna-making powder
  • Egg roll-making powder
  • Soy sauce-making powder
  • Rice-making powder

Allergen indication based on the Japanese regulations

Milk, squid, gelatin

Sugar, Dextrin, Vegetable oil, Lactose, Starch, Corn syrup, Gelatin, Fermented milk, Milk protein, Glucose/Modified starch, Acidulant, Calcium carbonate, Gelling agent (sodium alginate), Flavor, Sorbitol, Colorant (caramel) , Vegetable pigments, Gardenia, Squid pigments, Red yeast rice), Thickening Polysaccharides, Calcium lactate, Emulsifiers, Calcium sulfate, Glycerin, Sodium pyrophosphate, (including some milk ingredients, squid and gelatin)


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