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Puccho Mikakuto Puccho Gummy Grape 40g

Puccho Mikakuto Puccho Gummy Grape 40g

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UHA Mikakuto Puccho Gummy Grape

Mikakuto ぷっちょグミ ほっぺちゃん さくらんぼ容器

Japanese digestible chewing gum with cherry flavour. It is well comparable with fruittella candy. Satisfy your craving with these gummy bits found in regular Puccho chews. It is wonderful to mix and match their two delicious flavors made with honey: grape must and yogurt. They come in a handy resealable round plastic bottle.

Syrup, sugar, fructose grape sugar liquid sugar, gelatin, concentrated fruit juice (grape, apple), sterilized lactic acid bacteria beverage, vegetable fat, honey, starch / acidulant, gelling agent (pectin), fragrance, brightener, coloring agent (anthocyanin ) , Emulsifier, (partly contains milk components, apples and gelatin)

Ingredients: starch syrup, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, concentrated apple juice, cherry juice, acidifier, gelling agent (pectin), flavour, glazing agent, color (anthocyanin), sweetener (stevia).

水飴 砂糖 、 果糖ぶ どう 糖液糖 糖液糖 、 ゼラチン 、 濃縮 果汁 果汁 果汁 果汁 果汁 、 りん ご ご 殺菌乳酸菌 殺菌乳酸菌 飲料 、 植物 油脂 はちみつ 、 澱粉 / 酸味料 、 ゲル 化 剤 、 、 光沢 剤 剤 、 着 色料 色料 アント シアニン) 、乳化剤、(一部に乳成分・りんご・ゼラチンを含む)

Net Weight: 32g
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