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Puku Puku Tai Choco Monaka

Puku Puku Tai Choco Monaka

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Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate Monaka

Meito Japan 福福鯛​

Light chocolate flavoured wafer filled with an aerated chocolate similar to Aero, shapped like a Taiyaki (traditionnal Japanese fish-shaped cake). This is a pretty nice snack and really feels like you're eating Taiyaki. Try some today, you will feel the streets of Tokyo come alive in your mouth.


Wafer(Wheat, Suger, Starch, Vegetable fats and oils, Salt)(Domestic(Japan) production), Suger, Whole milk powder, Vegetable fats and oils, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Lactose/Modified starch, Emulsifiers(derived from Soy beans), Shellfish calcium, Artificial flavor, Food coloring(Caramel color), Leavening agent


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