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S&B Golden Curry Barikara Super Hot 189g

S&B Golden Curry Barikara Super Hot 189g

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Golden Curry Barikara (Curry Roux Super Hot)


Golden curry Bali spicy

Spicy is delicious! !! "Bali spicy" is finally on sale all year round! Polish the spiciness to create a fragrant taste

This curry is characterized by the harmony of the two types of chili peppers "Ghost Pepper" and "Carolina Reaper" * that enhance the spiciness and taste, and the aroma of roasted spices. * The peppers "Boot Jorokia (2007)" and "Carolina Reaper (2013)" that have been certified by Guinness in the past.




Wheat flour (domestic production), palm oil / rapeseed oil mixed fat, sugar, salt, starch, curry powder, black pepper, cumin, roasted spice paste, coriander, yeast extract, cardamon, red pepper, ginger, garlic / seasoning (amino acid) Etc.), Colorants (curry, paprika pigment), acidulants, spices, (some include wheat, sesame, soybeans, pork, gelatin)


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Brand: S & B Foods Co., Ltd.
Product of:JAPAN


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