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Sekiryu 33 Layers Damascus Stainless Steel VG - 10 16cm

Sekiryu 33 Layers Damascus Stainless Steel VG - 10 16cm

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Japanse keuken mes 16 cm

SEKIRYU 33 Layers Damascus Stainless Steel VG - 10 Style Kitchen Knife 

These Japanese filleting knives are specially made to slice fish, meat or vegetables very thinly. Due to the open holes, air will remain suspended in the cutting process, so that the cut product does not stick together.

It is an easy to sharpen and rust-resistant knife that restored the image of Damascus steel, which has been prized in Western countries since its expedition due to its strength, beauty and rust resistance. 
In V-gold No. 10 steel (Hagane) realizing a sharp sharpness, we hardened two types of steel alternately by using a special technique and stacked 16 layers on each side to form a 33-layer structure. Furthermore, we created a sharp sharpness and superior sustainability by pursuing ease of use by using our own forging technology and "quenching".

The characteristics of Damascus steel have been restored in this Sekiryu knife, including easy sharpening and rust resistance. We achieved the sharp edge using special techniques by laminating each of the 16 layers of soft and hard steel iron alternately on both surfaces with VG-10 steel to make the 33-layer structure. In addition, Ohzawa original forging techniques and the “yakiire” hardening process produce a clear cut and excellent sustainability, while ensuring usability.

  • ORIGIN FROM SAMURAI SWORD - 9-inches Sekiryu Damascus Chef Knife was born in Seki City where is famous for traditional samurai sword making. Its history has been going on for over 700 years. Since Seki flourlished in sword business, craftmen's excellent techniques in Seki was applied to making kitchen knives. It can cut any meat, vegitable, and fluit gracefully.
  • DURABLE BLADE - Craftsman hammers and forms knives one by one in all progresses. 33 layers of stainless steel have been pressed together and polished. Sekiryu's knife is Japanese strong steel VG-10 without nicking and marks 60-61HRC for high hardness. Usually the degree of hardness is 55-60HRC. Sekiryu knife is stronger than any knives as you can see.
  • BEAUTIFUL DAMASCUS PATTERN - "Damascus" comes from the name of the town called Damascus in Syria, place of sword making. It is said that Damascus steel has rust resistance and sharpness with characteristic striped pattern. Only Damascus pattern is introduced to Japanese forge method. Like Japanese swords, hard and soft stainless steel are alternately stacked, then beautiful stripe pattern appears on the knife.
  • EASY TO HOLD - The handle is designed for everyone to hold easily. Micarta is used for handle. It is a popular material for knife handle and it is excellent in solidness and water resistance. It might not get fragile like a wooden handle.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFT - This elaborate and high quality glass will be your favorite item. Once you start to use this knife, you won't feel like using other knives! Adding for yourself, it will be perfect gift for parents, friends, and your work associates.


Usage Tips:

Use a tea towel to store the knife
Sharpen the knives correctly with a flat sharpening stone
Oil the wooden handle before use so that no moisture penetrates into the wood

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