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Sakura Shiawase 36 sticks

Sakura Shiawase 36 sticks

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Premium Sakura Cherry tree flower 36 pcs

Goodness and magnanimity

Japan Nippon Kodo

Created in 1905 by Yujiro Kito. With essential oils, it was the first floral incense created in Japan, fruit of the opening of Japan to the West after 300 years of isolation ordained by the Tokugawa dynasty.

Shiawase, the fragrance of happiness.

Nobody loved the cherry trees so much as the famous writer Chiyo Uno. The elegant and delicious scent of Shiawase, which means 'happiness' in Japanese, is a tribute to her poetry. Find happiness thanks to the fragrance of cherry blossom filling delicately the air around you, bringing goodness and magnanimity. Happiness is not an inaccessible mountain: it can be compared to a cherry flower. Being able to again contemplate the cherry blossom next spring will be enough for you to be happy.

The sweet colours and delicate petals of cherry flowers have inspired Japanese design for centuries, as revealed by this precious gift set. Made of paulonia wood, it preserves the sticks from humidity.

  • Made in Japan
  • Number of sticks 36
  • Length 20 min
  • Fragrance Violet, lily of the valleys and rose
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