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Soba Buckwheat Instant Noodles 141g

Soba Buckwheat Instant Noodles 141g

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Instant Buckwheat Noodle Hot & Spicy 141g

Korean Sempio 샘표 쟁반비빔 막국수

Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour and part wheat flour. They are thin noodles with a nutty taste. Buckwheat fruit comes from the Buckwheat plant, they are triangular and resemble beechnuts. The nice thing about Buckwheat is for the people who even grow it in the Netherlands. Although we hardly see any pure Buckwheat products in the shops anymore, that's because we don't grow it as much as we used to in the Netherlands. Buckwheat plants are very sensitive to weather conditions, which means that many seeds can be lost.

First cook just like spaghetti, then rinse with cold or warm water so that it no longer sticks. You can serve it in a broth soup or dry with a sweet soy marinade. A bundle of Soba noodles is enough for one serving.

Health aspects
Buckwheat seems to be good against diabetes, gallstones and good for the blood.
A special video of how Soba or Buckwheat Noodles are made in Japan.
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