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Spice mix for rice Tanaka Gohan ni Mazete Wakana and Sesame

Spice mix for rice Tanaka Gohan ni Mazete Wakana and Sesame

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Tanaka Gohan ni Mazete Wakana and Sesame

Seasoning mix for rice


Radish leaf
Sesame seed
Flavor enhancers
Operating mode

Mix 7-8 grams with 150 grams of cooked rice. Or use it as a topping for the inside out Sushi.

Content: 33 Grams

This bag also has a handy grip closure so that it can be stored for an extra long time.

Radish, Seaweed, SESAME SEED, Salt, Glucose, Flavor Enhancer E621, E635, Sugar, Seaweed Extract, Acidity Regulator E296, Preservative E217.

Net Weight: 33

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