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Strawberry Milk 190g

Strawberry Milk 190g

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Strawberry Milk

From Japan 

Suntory brand

Japanese creamy milk drink made from strawberries. When you open the can you can smell the stong strawberry imediately. hmmhm...

Product information

Suntory Strawberry Milk / Health Beverage / Beauty Drink / Brand: Suntory / [Distributor, Manufacturer, Importer or Distributor] Suntory Foods / [Product Details of Suntory Strawberry Milk] It's a drink. / cate60959


サントリー いちごミルク/健康飲料・美容ドリンク/ブランド:サントリー/【発売元、製造元、輸入元又は販売元】サントリーフーズ/【サントリー いちごミルクの商品詳細】●贅沢なミルク感と甘いイチゴ味が嬉しい、乳飲料です。/cate60959


Daily products, Daily products, Suger, Strawberry juice, Artificial flavor, Baking soda, Cochinil pigment, Emulsifiers, Calcium lactate, VitaminD


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