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Sukiyaki dip Sauce 400ml

Sukiyaki dip Sauce 400ml

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Sukiyaki Sauce 400ml Marukin Sukiyaki no tare

Sukiyaki is a Soy sauce in combination with sugar and Mirin. It is comparable to the Indonesian Ketjap, but more liquid and less sweet. Sukiyaki is very good to use as a dipping sauce or to deglaze the meat instead of wine or beer. Don't let it cook for too long or it will stick.

Ingredients: Soy (water, soy, wheat flour, salt) sugar, water, corn syrup, sake, mirin, flavor enhancer E621, yeast extract.


Marukin sukiyaki no tara

Sauce for the Japanese dish Sukiyaki

Ingredients: SOYA (water, SOYA, wheat flour, salt), sugar, water, CORN SYRUP, sake, mirin, flavor enhancer E621, yeast extract. Nutritional value per 100g, energy 694KJ 6), Fats Og, of which saturated 0g carbohydrates 40g, of which sugars 40g, Proteins 6g Salt 6.6g, Proteins 6.6g

Keep refrigerated after opening. content: 400 ml

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