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SUNSTAR Tonic Shampoo 520ml

SUNSTAR Tonic Shampoo 520ml

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SUNSTAR Tonic Scalp Clear Shampoo

520 mL From Japan

Brand new
Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 520 ml
Product Size (width × depth × height): 83 × 55 × 208

Natural Premium Menthol (cleaning agent) and ginger extract sustainable exhilarating feeling to refresh the agility that is like penetrate the, vegetable cleansing component takes the sebum and dirt jammed in the back between the pores, refreshing clean I washes.

Brand: SUNSTAR TONIC (San start Nick)
Sea removal factor SCALP-CLEAN * 1 compounding. After drying of hair, exhilaration and reliable persistent exhilarating feeling like penetrate the "Cool prime menthol" is only scalp own fresheners, mood I will also to refresh. Seaweed extract (moisturizer) compounding. Non-silicone prescription. ※ 1 polyglyceryl-4 lauryl ether ● product code

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