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Sushi, maki temaki, chiraski, sashimi

Sushi, maki temaki, chiraski, sashimi

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Sushi, maki, temaki, chirashi, sashimi..

Temaki was one of the oldest form of Sushi

Sushi, maki, temaki...
Sushi has become the emblematic dish of Japanese cuisine. The most common and simplest form is nigiri sushi, but many other delicious variations are possible, such as maki (maki spring rolls; tempura and rainbow maki and much more), temaki, chirashi and sashimi. Become an expert in sushi now with these 90 traditional and modern recipes and more than 200 step-by-step photos. In this book you will learn everything about cutting fish, making and rolling sushi rice, vegetarian options and much more!

144 pages
Dutch speaking
Released August 2017
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