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Suzumo Shari Box sushi rice warming box 20L Blue

Suzumo Shari Box sushi rice warming box 20L Blue

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Suzumo sushi rice warming box 20L

SHARI BOX 48 X 37 X 25.5 CM

Japanese48x37x25.5 cm

The Suzumo Shari Box is a top-of-the-line thermo box designed to keep sushi rice at optimal temperatures during service. Constructed in Japan with the highest hygiene standards in mind, this blue 20L box is easy to clean and boasts superior insulation. Make the most of your sushi rice service with the Suzumo Shari Box.

The Shari Box is one of the best ways to store your prepared sushi rice. It has excellent thermal insulation properties for cooked rice and is perfect for transporting or storing rice after seasoning and mixing until needed for sushi preparation. It can be used with the Shari trays (BAT20) which can be stacked inside to make it easier to transport your precious sushi. These Shari boxes can be stacked to save space in your kitchen, and the shape of these boxes makes them much more ergonomic, reducing work effort. These boxes are compatible with the rice box liner.

Holds 5 share tray (ASA159) and holds up to 300 sharibama
Uses polyethylene insulation with high heat retention.
External Dimensions (W x D x H)(480 x 390 x 24
Inner Dimensions (W x D x H)(385 x 308 x 17
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