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Taiyo Yuri Lily 8 g (20 sticks)

Taiyo Yuri Lily 8 g (20 sticks)

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Japanese incense - Taiyo Yuri (Lily)

Fragrance: A woody, sweet scent reminiscent of pure lily.

Quality Collection: Exceptionally good incense, the best that we have in our assortment from Nippon Kodo. The ingredients of these incense are top quality and pricey. Each pack contains 20 sticks to keep the incense affordable.
Japan has an ancient tradition of making incense and offering incense. The Japanese are convinced that you should offer the best for Gods and Heavenly Beings. According to Buddhist philosophy, it is a form of generosity that, through the law of cause and effect, has a positive effect on the person who is generous, on circumstances, and on eliminating negative outside influences.

Burn time: 25 minutes.
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