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Takagi Shuzo Toyonoume Junmai Ginjo 16,3% Sake 1800ml

Takagi Shuzo Toyonoume Junmai Ginjo 16,3% Sake 1800ml

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Up-grade in-meal Junmai Ginjo sake

It is not a rice suitable for sake brewing, but it is a pure rice brewed from Ehime's Matsuyama Mitsui, polished to 50%, and brewed with Kochi yeast AC95. .

Aiming at a pure rice brewing sake that is compatible with dishes and does not get tired of drinking by expressing the aroma of well-balanced swelling and swelling, and the umami of rice that is not terrible from the viewpoint of in-meal sake that enriches the dining table. Was.

When you have a fun dish or want to take a break from a casual day, this liquor will play a role in the dining table.

■ London Sake Challenge 2019 Silver Award Winner

■ National Sake Appraisal 2019 Ginjo category Silver Award

Junmai sake prize 2014 Junmai Ginjo category Gold medal

Type Junmai Ginjo Sake
Raw rice Matsuyama Mitsui (Ehime)
Rice polishing rate 50%
Alcohol content 16%
Sake degree +3
acidity 1.4
how to drink Slightly cool down the liquor




楽しみな一品料理がある時やカジュアルな一日にほっと一息したい時、この酒は食卓の名脇役を演じてくれるでしょう 。

■ロンドン酒チャレンジ2019 銀賞受賞

■全米日本酒歓評会2019 吟醸部門 銀賞受賞

■純米酒大賞2014 純米吟醸部門 金賞受賞

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