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Tamago egg pan 22 x 33 cm

Tamago egg pan 22 x 33 cm

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Tamago pan (22 x 33 cm)

Tamagoyaki is a rectangular Japanese rolled omelette popular for breakfast, in bento lunch boxes, and as a topping for sushi. This tamagoyaki pan is made of iron with a wooden handle and has a non-stick coating. This egg pan can easily cook rolled egg which is used by cook in Japan.

Made in Japan
Non-stick layer
Traditional rectangular shape
Not suitable for induction or electric hob
Suitable for gas


1/3 cup warm water, 1/4 tsp. Hondashi (Japanese instant soup base), 6 eggs, 3 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp. Mirin (sweet boiling sake).

Mix Hondashi in the water to dissolve. Mix with remaining ingredients and whisk gently to blend. Cook over medium heat with a little oil if desired. Yields 2 tamago omelets.
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