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Tea Cup Matcha Starters set

Tea Cup Matcha Starters set

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Tea Cup Matcha 10x7.5cm

Tea Pots, Cups & Sets Cup Matcha 10x7.5cm w/B.Beater&Sp. Grey

What is Matcha Tea?
Matcha is Japanese green tea ground into powder. It has a light sweet aftertaste. Matcha was already drunk in the times of the Samurai.

If you are still new to Matcha tea, you may be wondering what you need to prepare Matcha tea. This starter set ensures that you can drink Matcha in a traditional way without lumps or bubbles. The Bamboo whisk has 120 thin bamboo hairs that can stir flawlessly through your Matcha. The handmade ceramic bowl is the correct size for the bamboo whisk.

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