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Tempura Batter Mix 600g

Tempura Batter Mix 600g

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Nissin Seifun Tempura Flour 600g

Tempura flour

Tempura Batter Mix

With this ready-made Tempura mix you always have good results, crispy and crispy. Beat the Tempura flour with ice cold water with a fork. Do not use a whisk because that goes too quickly, you should still have a small lump left.

Name Tempura Powder Raw Material Name Kokon Starch Processed Starch, Baking Powder Coloring (Anatoo, Vitamin B2), (Include Some Wheat) Content: 600g Shelf Life Listed At The Bottom Storage Method Avoid Hot And Humid Places Direct Sunlight Please Store. Manufacturer Nisshin Foods Co., Ltd. 1-2511-1 Kanda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan Production Department Forest Factory Gunma Prefecture Gunma Prefecture 6-1
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