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Tofu in Long Life Pack Red / Soft 340g

Tofu in Long Life Pack Red / Soft 340g

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Japanese Siken Soft Tofu 340g

Japanese Tofu is known for its very fine structure, soft and full of flavour. And of course healthy and ease of use.

Usage tip
Carefully cut the Tofu into cubes and put them in a nice Miso soup bowl. Fill your bowl with Miso soup and you have real traditional well-filled Miso soup on the table

They are also super tasty if you serve them at room temperature in cubes and you put some Soy sauce over them.

Not only tasty, but also inventive
This Tofu is not only tasty and healthy, but also very innovative. Due to the special packaging, the Tofu can simply be kept outside the refrigerator at room temperature.
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