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Toyo Suisan Maruchan Menzukuri Awasemiso Ramen 97g

Toyo Suisan Maruchan Menzukuri Awasemiso Ramen 97g

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Maruchan Menzukuri Non Fried Mixed Miso Ramen 104g​

Toyo Susan Japan

A slightly thicker Japanese ramen noodle with a hearty soup based on Miso paste and dried vegetables.

Method of preparation

Boiling water
Herbs in it
Pour in boiling water and cover
Wait 3 minutes
It is ready for consumption
Japanese Instant ramen noodles was invented in the 1950s, and Japan has never looked back since. Due to the industrial revolution, the Japanese population noticed that there was also a need for quick meals. First the fresh Ramen noodles were fried to keep it longer, this was the first technique of instant noodles. Later the noodles were baked in a dry oven to hard cake shape noodles. Today, in Japan, you can find everything from easy-to-eat ramen in bowls and cups to sophisticated flavor combinations that might be better suited to classy restaurants. Now there's an instant ramen for everyone, regardless of their taste preference, and they're all easy to prepare.

Ingredients: Noodles [Wheat flour, salt, egg white] Marinade [miso, soy sauce [wheat], pork extract. spices, flavoring oil and fat, vegetable oil and fat, lard, salt, fish sauce, ground sesame, protein hydrolysate, yeast extract], soup [cabbage, chinese chives, corn, carrot, scout fat, vegetable oil, gelatin], modified starch, trehalose, amino acids, lecithin, caramel color, alc, pele;, calcium carbonate, thickener, spice, gardenia clay, spice extract, acidity regulator, [ve], vb2, vb1

Contains sesame, milk, wheat, fish, soy, eggs
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