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Toyo Suisan Maruchan Soba Noodles Kamo Dashi 98g

Toyo Suisan Maruchan Soba Noodles Kamo Dashi 98g

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Osobayasan No Kamodashi Soba 98g



Method of preparation

Boiling water
spices in it
Pour in boiling water and cover
Wait 3 minutes
Soba noodles Sauce in it
It is ready for consumption
Ingredients: Noodles (WHEAT flour, buckwheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, vegetable protein, salt, grated yam, Elwit), Marnade (SOY sauce[WHEAT], sugar, FISH extract, vegetable oil, mirin, salt, duck extract, duck fat, yeast extract, chicken fat), Soup (chicken dango, kamaboko[FISH,CRUSTACEANS, MOLLUSCS],onion), modified starch, amino acids, ALC, clam carbonate, sodium, caramel colorant, thickener, antioxidant (VE), aroma, monascus colorant, VB1, VB2 , carotene dye
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