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Yakisoba UFO Cup 128g

Yakisoba UFO Cup 128g

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Yakisoba UFO Cup Noodles Nissin

Original Japanese instant U.F.O. Yakisoba cup noodles

Method of preparation, see also the Youtube instruction video.

Boiling water

Pour in boiling water and cover

Wait 2 minutes

Drain water

All spice mix in it

It is ready for consumption

Ingredients: fried noodles (wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, salt, soy sauce, spices), sauce mix (saccharide, sauce, vegetable oil and fat, salt, aroma oil, spices, protein hydrolysate), spices (cabbage, pickled ginger), processed starch, caramel coloring, herbs (amino acids), calcium carbonate, kansui, acidity regulator, glycerin, monascus coloring, calcium, flavourings, antioxidant (vitamin E), magnesium carbonate, herbal extract, vitamin B2, vitamin B1.

Net Weight: 128g
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