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Yonezawa Shiitake Mushroom Dried 45g

Yonezawa Shiitake Mushroom Dried 45g

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Shiitake Mushroom Dried 45g

Yonezawa Shiitake Donko (Dried Shiitake) - 45g

Fresh shiitake (an Asian mushroom) is dried and, after being soaked, is used as a seasoning in Chinese and Japanese cuisines. The drying process gives the dried shiitake an extra flavor depth. Shiitake with dark hats as well as with white marbled hats (huagu 花菇) are available, in all kinds of quality. Has a very intense, beautiful mushroom flavour.
Method of use

Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in freshly boiled water until they have softened after 30 minutes. You can also soak in cold water, but that will take several hours. Cut away the hard parts of the stem and gently squeeze the mushrooms. Then cut into pieces or process them whole. Do not throw away the soaking water from the mushrooms, but use it in soups or dishes as an extra seasoning.
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