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Yume Nishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice 1kg

Yume Nishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice 1kg

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Yume Nishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice

Nishiki 1kg

The rice is lovingly tended and carefully curated by Japanese rice experts, so you can be sure you're getting an excellent product that wouldn't be out of place in a genuine Japanese sushi restaurant.

This rice is less sticky when cooked than other brands, but still ideal for making sushi and onigiri. You might prefer this rice if you hate getting sticky, rice covered hands when making sushi!

It's also ideal as an accompaniment to many Japanese dishes, such as Katsu curry or Japanese hot pots. You can make a large bowl of rice in the rice cooker and let friends and family help themselves when catering. Don't forget, great sushi rice is 1 part rice to 1.5 parts water, and you'll also need to purchase rice vinegar to season your sushi rice with.

You can find detailed instructions for cooking perfect sushi rice over on our blog, as well as a wide variety of sushi recipes for you to try at home!

Ingredients: Rice 100%

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