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Kinpaku Gold Sake Fukumasamune 720ml 14%

Kinpaku Gold Sake Fukumasamune 720ml 14%

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Fortune Sake Fukumasamune 720ml 14%

Kanazawa, the castle town of Kaga Hyakumangoku, boasts more than 99% of the production of gold leaf in Japan. Fukumasamune Gorgeous is a dry pure rice sake with a fine texture and a smooth richness, with pure gold leaf cultivated in tradition and climate shining.

加賀百万石の城下町・金沢は、日本の金箔の99%以上の生産量を誇ります。福正宗 豪華は、伝統と風土に培われた純金箔が光輝く、きめ細やかな口当たりとさらりとしたコクの辛口純米酒です。

Fukumitsuya Sake brewery founded in 1625, Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery has the longest history in Kanazawa. With natural mineral water, superior quality sake rice, and its traditional brewing skills, the brewery continueally pursues to bring the highest quality sake as ever, as "Junmai Gura" the brewery that makes only Junmai Sakes.


The culture of Kanazawa flourished during the Edo period. Kanazawa became famous for its craftsmanship in kimono, gold beating, lacquer craft and ceramics. The town, surrounded by the sea and mountains, has also enjoyed rich food culture. Today, it is known as a modernized city with history of old traditional Japanese cultures still being enjoyed to this day.


The history of Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery starts in the Edo period in 1625. With the highest level of craftsmanship and traditional family secret recipe, the brewery has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest sake breweries in the area. Today, without leaving the tradition behind, we are evolving into a sake brewery of the future.

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