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Nittoh Tea Matcha Ore Stick 10sticks

Nittoh Tea Matcha Ore Stick 10sticks

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Japanese Matcha Latte in sticks

Try this Japanese Uji Matcha sticks where ever and when ever you want. Just pour in hot water and you will get a delicious Matcha Latte.

Carefully selected fragrant Uji matcha, with moderate sweetness and milk richness, are carefully finished. Produce an elegant moment with the full flavor of unscented.

NITTOH KOCHA Tea Matcha Au Lait can also be added to desserts such as pancakes, cookies and ice cream! Powdered soft drink Ingredients: sugars (sugar, lactose), dextrin, vegetable oil, skim milk powder, matcha (Uji matcha), Salt Additives: casein Na (from milk), thickener (CMC-Na), pH adjuster, emulsifier


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