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Oedo-Koh Incense Aloeswood (60 sticks)

Oedo-Koh Incense Aloeswood (60 sticks)

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Japanese incense - Oedo-Koh Incense Aloeswood (60 sticks)

Japanese incense

Incense-scented ceremonies were the practice of courtiers, feudal lords, and other wealthy people. Among the common people too, although they may have lacked access to real fragrant forests, there was much fascination with them, and they are often used in Kabuki and Joruri theater works. The word kyara, meaning aloeswood, even became a generic term for "something wonderful." Hair wax that evokes the scent of aloeswood was also extremely popular. Experience the fragrance and understand why it was the most appreciated fragrances.

Taste the deep, rich scent of aloe wood, prized by the people of ancient Edo as the most luxurious of fragrances.

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Wooden box with incense burner.

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