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Japanese BBQ Grill tray Ø31.5 cm | Ø24.5 cm

Japanese BBQ Grill tray Ø31.5 cm | Ø24.5 cm

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Japanese BBQ Grill tray for portable gas cooker

Product Dimensions: 305X305X45mm

Materials: Plate: Aluminum alloy (fluorine resin processing)
Enclosure: Iron (Surface Processing: Horo)
Product weight: 520g
Country of origin: Korea
Remarks: Diameter (approx.) 225mm Si sensor heater cannot be used
Only for cassette heaters
At DCM we sell 30cm round grilled meat grilled with fluorine resin of pearlescent metal. We also cover a wide range of other kitchen utensils.
Please note that we are not responsible for any problems, damages, damages, accidents, etc. caused by rental, auction sale, second-hand sale or transfer.

商品 サイズ: 305x305x45mm ● 材質: プレート: アルミニウム 合金 合金 合金 合金 加工 樹脂 加工 加工 加工 加工 加工 加工 加工 加工 加工: 加工 加工 加工 加工: う う う 商品 商品 重量 重量: 520g ● 生産国: ● 備考: 約 (約) 225mm si センサーコンロ 使用 不 可

Size : Ø31.5 cm | Ø24.5 cm


When you pick up the middle grate you can fill the lower grate a little with water. This prevents the leftovers from burning and all the fat is collected by a bottom of water.

Usage tip: Pour a little water into the edge of the BBQ, this will make the excess fat float on top of the water making it easier to clean. Plus if you want to hold the cooked meat or vegetables along the edge to keep it warm, it won't dry out either.

You also need to buy a camping gas burner. from 24.95
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